Pitco P14 - Oil Filtration Machine The Benefits of Oil Filtration (10/15/2018) - The deep fryer is an absolute staple in the commercial kitchen today. Just think a minute about all of the different fried foods we enjoy: fried chicken, fish and chips, fried shrimp, wings, french fries, onion rings, calamari, and donuts. And that’s just to name a few! No matter where you are, you will likely […]
MP450VV - Versatility of Immersion Blenders The Versatility of Immersion Blenders (4/17/2018) - Food processing equipment including immersion blenders plays a vital role in the commercial kitchen today. Restaurant operators are always looking for ways to reduce food and labor costs to increase profitability. Current trends in the industry also increase the need for reliable equipment. Consumers are looking for both variety and fresh ingredients on the menus […]
Cactus Mat Floor Mats Cactus Mat Floor Mats (2/7/2018) - Cactus Mat Floor Mats for Foodservice Operations By their nature, commercial foodservice operations are busy, high-foot traffic environments. Patrons come and go through the front entrance. Hosts escort the guests to their table. Servers are constantly on the move between the front of the house and the back of the house. Bartenders cover miles of […]
Globe S13 slicer Slicers – Choosing The Right Slicer (12/14/2017) - In a commercial kitchen, a good slicer can be one of the most useful tools at your disposal. Commercial slicers can handle a variety of tasks. Because of their many uses, one can find several options available for slicers. Not every slicer is the best fit for every situation in the commercial kitchen. The number […]
Color Coded Cutting Boards Preventing Foodborne Illness (9/15/2017) - What is a Foodborne Illness? A foodborne illness is an illness or disease spread to people by food. The potential for a foodborne illness occurrence is always real, and the costs are too high. An occurrence of foodborne illness in your establishment can lead to a loss of sales, loss of reputation, negative reviews, lawsuits, […]
Dormont Gas Hose Commercial Gas Hoses – Safe Connections for Commercial Kitchens (7/17/2017) - Navigating Utilities and Selecting Equipment Gas cooking equipment remains the dominant choice for most commercial kitchens. Commercial gas hoses provide safe connections essential in these commercial environments. There are many reasons to choose gas cooking equipment over electric. Preference and available utilities play an influential role in this decision. Projected cost of utilities is another […]
Vollrath 40861 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator An Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking (7/11/2017) - Traditional cooking methods such as roasting and grilling have been around for centuries. With practice, one can master these skills to produce predictable results. Time and temperature are always the most important factors to manage when cooking. Different cooking methods present different challenges to managing both. With roasting for example, cooking temperature can be a […]
Mise en Place - Plating Tools The Importance of Mise en Place (5/2/2017) - Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” It’s a memorable saying that reminds us that if we want to be successful, we must first spend time preparing for the task at hand. This principle is essential in commercial kitchens. When serving a wide variety of dishes to several people a day, […]
Carbon Steel Skillets One Pan to Cook Them All – The Versatility of Carbon Steel Skillets (2/27/2017) - Every cooking application gets the best results when you use the right cookware for the job. In our recent blog series, we covered several different types of cookware. All these types of cookware have their own unique benefits. Nonstick makes sautéing, egg cookery, and cleanup easy. Aluminum is desirable for its rapid and even heat […]
Harvest Restaurant Bacon Bourbon Jam Bourbon Banter, Part 4: Recipes Featuring Bourbon (12/23/2016) - Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Bourbon Welcome back to our blog series on bourbon! In this final part, we have some recipes from local restaurants featuring bourbon as a key ingredient! Bourbon not only pairs well with food but also goes great in food. The different flavors found in bourbon make it a great ingredient […]
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