A foodservice kitchen is a very active location and you need labor saving equipment for your food prep! Timing is important, but you also want to save labor for your chef, cooks, and service staff. There are a number of products you can use to save time, labor, and finances!

Robot Coupe products make life easier for the user! When you need to prepare food of any kind, you can do it with combination food processors. A smooth blade is the best option if you need to coarsely chop a pepper or finely chop an onion. If you make your own pizza dough, the coarse serrated blade is perfect for kneading and grinding function.  Herbs and spices add to any dish and the fine serrated blade will help you bring the flavor! No matter what kind of cut you need to make, Robot Coupe Combination Processors have you covered!

Need to liquify your food for a sauce, soup, or drink? Robot Coupe immersion blenders can mix, blend, emulsify or whip in seconds! These high performance blenders will serve you well and save you time.

Robot Coupe Products

If you need another effective option for labor saving food prep, Nemco equipment is the way to go. Nemco affords fast and easy slicing, dicing, wedging, cubing and chopping and is perfect for even your least experienced employees. With the Nemco Easy Chopper II, you can save labor and cost by minimizing the time you need to precut food and provide clean cuts of the entire vegetable.

When it comes to preparing the best sandwich or burger, you want to make sure that your tomatoes are consistently cut. The Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer ensures that all your slices and dices are the exact same size, which looks better on the plate. The Easy LettuceKutter will provide you with lots of fresh cut lettuce and is the only brand on the market where the blade and pusher come apart for easy cleaning.

Nemco Products

Globe offers exceptional foodservice equipment for everything that you need to serve. As the recognized name in slicers for decades, they have a variety of Best-In-Class options. The G-Series Slicers will save you time by allowing you to quickly cut meat and cheese in large quantities. You can also conserve time by preparing your sandwich directly on the slicer with a large clearance area under the knife. If you need a more powerful option, the S-Series Slicer will ensure that everything from slicing, to cleaning and maintenance is made simple.  The sharpening system is removable with synthetic diamond surfaces and allows for simple and convenient cleaning. These slicers are made from heavy-duty materials and will extend the life and performance of your slicer and you will have consistent performance with every cut.

Globe Slicer

At Dine Company, we are focused on helping you make foodservice easier. Not only can this labor saving items save you time and, but they can ultimately save you money! Connect with one our Customer Service Specialists to find the best equipment for your needs!  

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