Exhaust Hoods & Restaurant Exhaust Systems

Foodservice exhaust hoods are the central component to consider when designing and planning restaurant exhaust systems. We use AutoCAD or Revit technology according to your design specifications and space planning.Contact Us

Custom Exhaust Hoods | Restaurant Exhaust Systems | Custom HoodsRestaurant exhaust systems are important to safely deal with both smoke and grease. Factors in the design of such systems include the flow rate (which is a function of the fan speed and exhaust vent size) and noise level.

Restaurant exhaust systems for commercial kitchens and restaurants are typically engineered to building and kitchen specifications. Exhaust hood systems are designed to remove cooking or steam vapors from the kitchen and replenish with tempered fresh air. Proper ventilation is important for the safety of the kitchen and the health of everyone in the establishment.

While some foodservice equipment only requires simple ventilation, such as dishmachines and pizza ovens, cookline equipment requires custom exhaust hoods conceived from careful planning and design in order to meet local and state safety codes.

Exhaust Hoods | Restaurant Exhaust Systems | Restaurant Kitchen HoodsInspectors are looking for performance and fire prevention when examining restaurant exhaust systems. Dine Company will never compromise on performance or safety of exhaust systems. After all, the safety of people and property is the number one priority above all else.

A properly operating exhaust hood system will provide the operator with years of safety, comfort, and reliability when professionally installed and maintained.

We also go beyond the hood with complete kitchen equipment packages. If you’re interested in exhaust hoods, a custom exhaust ventilation system, or equipment packages, please contact the professionals at Dine Company at 800-467-6631 or 502-637-3232 and ask for Contract Sales. You may also contact us through our website or by email at info@dinecompany.com.

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