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Exhaust Hoods & Restaurant Exhaust Systems

Foodservice exhaust hoods are the central component to consider when designing and planning restaurant exhaust systems. We use AutoCAD or Revit technology according to your design specifications and space planning.Contact Us

Custom Exhaust Hoods | Restaurant Exhaust Systems | Custom HoodsRestaurant exhaust systems are important to safely deal with both smoke and grease. Factors in the design of such systems include the flow rate (which is a function of the fan speed and exhaust vent size) and noise level.

Restaurant exhaust systems for commercial kitchens and restaurants are typically engineered to building and kitchen specifications. Exhaust hood systems are designed to remove cooking or steam vapors from the kitchen and replenish with tempered fresh air. Proper ventilation is important for the safety of the kitchen and the health of everyone in the establishment.

While some foodservice equipment only requires simple ventilation, such as dishmachines and pizza ovens, cookline equipment requires custom exhaust hoods conceived from careful planning and design in order to meet local and state safety codes.

Exhaust Hoods | Restaurant Exhaust Systems | Restaurant Kitchen HoodsInspectors are looking for performance and fire prevention when examining restaurant exhaust systems. Dine Company will never compromise on performance or safety of exhaust hoods and components. After all, the safety of people and property is the number one priority above all else.

A properly operating exhaust hood system will provide the operator with years of safety, comfort, and reliability when professionally installed and maintained.

We know exhaust hoods are central to your kitchen design, functionality, and layout. We will work with your contractor and architects for the hood layout in your commercial kitchen. Contact our professional project design team at 502-637-3232 or and download our hood flyer with some of the first questions to consider.

Experience the Excellence of Captive Air Exhaust Hoods at Dine Company

A fully integrated system designed to maximize efficency and performance for years to come.

1. Self-Cleaning N D-2Exhaust Hood
A daily spray cycle washes away grease from the plenum duct, significantly reducing fire risk.

2. Captrate Solo & Combo Filters
The most effective grease extraction filter in the industry, removing over 85% of grease particles above seven microns in size. 

3. Core Fire Protection
Revolutionary water-based fire suppression system with electronic detection and 24/7 real-time monitoring

4. Demand Control Ventilation
Automatically modulates fan speed based on cooking load to maximize energy savings.

5. Perforated Supply Plenum
Evenly distributes make-up air along the hood and provides spot cooling for chef comfort.

6. Factory Built Grease Duct
Liquid tight, factory welded grease duct for robust fire protection in single and double wall construction.

7.Exhaust Fan
Variety of heavy duty solutions to efficently exhaust effluents for any application.

8. Dedicated Make-Up Air
Numerous energy efficent make-up air options to ensure exhaust hoods operate at peak performance.

9. Utility Distribution System
One easy plug-and-play connection for all electrical and plumbing utilities behind the hood.

10. Caslink Monitor + Control
CaptiveAire’s proprietary building management system collects data and allows for remote adjustment and control.

11. Vertical End Panel
Contains smoke, fire and effluents under the capture area of the hood, increasing hood efficency and slowing the spread of fire.

12. Paragon Dedicated Outdoor Air System
The ideal HVAC Solution offering exceptional energy savings and unprecedented comfort and humidity control. 

Exhaust Hood Portfolio

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