Swinging Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors, typically one of the last things considered when designing a kitchen, should always be a key work environment consideration for any restaurant or foodservice operation. Swinging kitchen doors easily transition the work flow from the kitchen to the table – an important factor for a safe and pleasing workplace. In addition, happy servers equal happy customers who will benefit from an improved dining experience.

Chase Doors Swinging Kitchen DoorAre you concerned about loud noises from your kitchen disturbing guests in your dining room? Would you like an easy solution that’s aesthetically pleasing to shield your guests from the kitchen? High-quality swinging kitchen doors keep kitchen noises at a minimum and reduce patrons viewing the controlled chaos going on in the back of the house. Your servers will easily pass through the swing-away doors – hands free, while keeping the main course on the tray.

We recommend swinging kitchen doors from Chase Doors. Chase Doors is the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty doors with over 80 years of experience in design and manufacturing. They offer commercial swinging kitchen doors in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and configurations sure to meet your needs, whether for new construction or replacement. Custom graphics can even be added to the doors! These truly are doors without limits.

Chase Doors - Wide Variety of Swinging Kitchen Doors

Chase Doors’ most popular models include the “SD 2000” made from lightweight aluminum and the “SC 3000” and “SC 5000” heavy duty models both featuring a solid wooden core designed to take years of abuse.

Whether your doorway opening is considered a standard or custom size, Chase Doors has the ability to provide stylish swinging kitchen doors to fit your space (up to 96” x 96”). What’s more? Swinging kitchen doors can be installed at any time – not just during construction or a remodel. Let us know how we can help make a difference with Chase Doors.

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