Starting A Restaurant

Have you ever wondered “how do I start a restaurant?”? Many have the dream of starting a restaurant, only to realize the many steps that are involved. At Dine Company – The Restaurant Store, we want to join you in this dream and will be with you every step of the way! We connected with some of our restaurant partners and want to provide you every resource you need to start a restaurant. 

Make A Plan when Starting A Restaurant

When thinking about opening a restaurant, “Definitely plan it out” says Max Bloom, Managing Owner/Partner of Parlour Pizza. “If you’re kinda winging it and don’t have a budget, it’s extremely easy to spend well over what you expected, there’s little things that pop up every day.”. Dine Company has partnered with Bloom and Parlour for many years to meet all their needs from smallwares to full restaurant design. From furniture in your dining room, to providing your full kitchen and smallwares, Dine Company can help you make that plan for every item, while staying in your budget.  

starting a restaurant-plan


Much of the success of your restaurant is based on design and functionality for your staff and customers. Dine Company has the knowledge and expertise to design the perfect commercial or restaurant kitchen to your requirements and specifications. Using AutoCAD technology, we work directly with contractors and architects to offer detailed drawings based on your concept, plan, space and budget. We partner with you to deliver excellence every step of the way.


When preparing your restaurant or kitchen design, the products you use are essential to your success. From walk-in refrigeration and cooking equipment to food prep and smallwares, we provide everything you need. “The expertise that you have given on what product to choose based on what we serve has been instrumental.” says Brian Nunn, Majority Owner of The Restaurants at Science Hill and The Red Lion. Our expert sales team has decades of experience in the foodservice industry and are ready to serve you! We strive to find the right equipment for your needs. Schedule a demonstration with a piece of equipment to try it before you make your purchase!

starting a restaurant- equip


The smallwares package you choose when starting a restaurant is essential to your design and success. These are the items that will interact with your customers on a daily basis in front of house. Don’t wait to begin thinking about smallwares because it can take several weeks to finalize depending on your selection. Talk to one of our Smallwares Specialists to request free glassware and dinnerware samples – to set you apart!


Once you have made your design decisions, it is time for your products and equipment to be delivered and installed. Our warehouse team will carefully handle your products to ensure smooth delivery. Then, our professional installers will deliver and install your items to meet your timeline. “They made this very easy. It’s very difficult to do the remodel we’ve done. The remodel has been extensive…  Dine Company has been really great to work with.” said Mark Smith, owner of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. “You have to continually reinvest in your restaurant. It’s an investment for the future as well. You have to keep your restaurant updated.”. We look forward to installing your equipment and delivering excellence with every experience.

start a restaurant - install

Once your restaurant is operational, we will continue to provide the best customer care with every need you have. Whether you need fryer hoses, water filters, new smallwares or larger equipment, we will be with you every step of the way! If you are starting a restaurant or continuing to manage one, you can trust Dine Company. Email or give us a call (502-637-3232) TODAY!

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