Restaurant Remodel and Renovation

A restaurant remodel is a large undertaking. Restaurant remodel design may take weeks or months to plan before the first piece of equipment is moved. At Dine Company, we understand the remodel process can be which is why we’re here to make foodservice easier.

Restaurant Remodel Planning

Turn to the experts at Dine Company if you need a restaurant kitchen remodel or renovation. Whether it’s an entire restaurant redesign, a commercial kitchen remodel, bar redesign, or a new dining room layout, we’ll create detailed restaurant remodel plans according to YOUR budget and timeline.

Restaurant Remodel and Renovation - Commercial Kitchen Remodel

Many factors should be considered prior to a restaurant remodel. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Existing hoods and walk-ins – will these be reused?
  • Existing equipment like ranges, fryers, and refrigerators – will these be reused?
  • Layout – will the restaurant’s footprint change?
  • Flooring – is the flooring going to be updated?
  • Purpose of the remodel – is the remodel going to improve efficiencies and/or refresh the look of the restaurant?
  • Temporary closure – will the business temporarily close or stay open during the remodel?

When considering a complete restaurant redesign, it may be easier to remodel your restaurant in phases to decrease down time. This approach requires careful planning to ensure the contractor, plumbers, electricians, and other trades are ready to complete their phase of the remodel. We’re able to connect you with contractors who can schedule project meetings for all trades to attend to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Every restaurant remodel has a unique scope of work, project timeline, and obstacles to overcome which is why you need a partner you can trust. At Dine Company, we have decades of experience in commercial kitchen design helping customers from concept to completion.


A commercial kitchen remodel may include new equipment but, if the existing equipment is still in good working condition, we can remove the equipment and clean and fully test it to ensure it’s in working at peak efficiency. You can save thousands of dollars and time by reconditioning your existing equipment.

If new equipment is needed during the restaurant remodel, we’ll work within your budget and help select replacement equipment. Old equipment can be replaced with much more versatile equipment allowing you to easily expand your menu without adding extra pieces of equipment. In addition to extra versatility, many manufacturers offer ENERGY STAR® rated equipment which saves money on utility bills. Whatever your choice, we’ll stage your reconditioned and new equipment until remodeling construction is ready for us to deliver and install.

Restaurant Remodel and Renovation - Commercial Kitchen Remodel

Equipment Evaluations

Unfortunately, a complete restaurant renovation may be required after a fire, flood, or other disaster. We can calculate the value of your equipment for insurance purposes with a full list of items damaged, a description, and replacement cost of the equipment. Complete equipment evaluations may be the first step to reopening your restaurant.

In addition to evaluations for equipment damage, a complete restaurant equipment evaluation may also be requested by a landlord if a previous tenant left equipment behind. The landlord may chose to list the property with the equipment or sell the equipment depending on the value.

More Info

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