Commercial Dishmachines for Foodservice Establishments

Commercial dishmachines or commercial dishwashers are must-have components for large volume foodservice operations within churches, schools, restaurants, and any other foodservice kitchen. It’s important to consider several factors when purchasing dishmachines or warewashing systems, which is why we consider the most efficient and productive flow of food products and smallwares when designing a commercial kitchen.

Jackson Commercial Dishmachines

Commercial Dishmachines at Dine Company

Every commercial foodservice operation, large or small, needs dishwashing capabilities.

At Dine Company, we provide industry-proven brands of commercial dishmachines and we are proud to stock Jackson Ware Washing System dishmachines in our store. Other commercial dishmachine brands available by special order include CMA, Champion, Lamber, and more.

Commercial dishmachines are available in a variety of styles, each able to meet a different application. Some factors to consider include high temperature or low temperature washing, available power and plumbing at the preferred location of the dishmachine, the quantity of dishes to be washed, and the available space in the kitchen. These factors will help determine which commercial dishmachine will be the best fit in your foodservice operation.

High or Low-Temperature Dishmachines

When deciding what type of dishmachine will work best for your foodservice operation, it’s important to know the difference between high temperature and low-temperature commercial dishmachines. Detergent and rinse chemicals are required for both cleaning processes; however, they differ in how they operate.

High-temperature dishmachines wash and rinse products at high heat, sanitizing through the high temperature of the water at over 180˚ F. Dishes that come out of a high-temperature dishwasher typically dry faster and do not use as much rinse aid.

Low-temperature commercial dishmachines wash and rinse the products at temperatures that are not high enough to sanitize by themselves, therefore these machines are required to use chemicals in addition to the water. Condensation hoods are often required for high-temperature dishmachines low-temperature dishmachines usually don’t require a hood.  This can directly impact the initial investment required for the type of dishmachine desired.

Commercial Dishmachine Styles

There are a few different styles of commercial dishmachines including conveyor type, door type or rack dishwashers, and undercounter dishmachines. Conveyor dishmachines are able to wash high volumes of dishware and are often used in cafeterias, hospitals, and other high-volume foodservice operations. Door type dishwashers are designed to clean racks of dishes quickly and are ideal for smaller foodservice operations. Undercounter commercial dishmachines are ideal for bars or smaller volume kitchens.

Commercial Dishmachine Preventative Maintenance

Hobart Dishwasher Troubleshooting - Commercial Dishmachines

Preventative foodservice equipment maintenance will help your equipment function more efficiently, but ignoring daily cleaning and periodic inspections of your equipment may result in poor performance or a very costly repair bill. It’s important to protect your commercial dishmachine by regularly using delimer. Follow manufacturer directions when using any chemicals on your dishmachine so that it operates efficiently. Weekly, it is important to check grease traps for leaks and to clean out the traps with microbial drains and trap cleaners. To prevent plates from chipping and breaking, use a scrape block on your soiled side dish table. Check washing and sanitizing temps several times daily to ensure that your machine is working properly. Lastly, it’s important to inspect all spray nozzles, faucets, and drains daily.


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