Happy National CAD day! We proudly use the latest AutoCAD and REVIT technology to bring your foodservice kitchen vision to life. CAD design is crucial to our daily operations and has helped us build our strong design portfolio over the years.

What is CAD design?

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. It can be used to create 2-D or 3-D models and is used by designers and engineers all over the world. At Dine Company, we use AutoCAD & REVIT technology to provide detailed drawings based on a customer’s concept, business plan, space, menu, and budget. AutoCAD is typically used as a broad drawing/layout tool, whereas REVIT is typically used to show more in-depth details of a design or layout.

What is our CAD design process?

1. A project consultant will meet with the customer to determine the concept, business plan, space, & budget. These factors will determine how we move forward with CAD.

2. The project consultant will meet with the CAD department to prepare a layout.

3. The CAD department will layout the equipment in either AutoCad or Revit, whichever the customer has stated that they prefer.

4. The project consultant & CAD department will review the design, then provide it to the customer. Changes may need to be made before the design is finalized & agreed upon. The agreement is based on the scope of the project. Each design is unique & customer specific.

CAD Design #1
CAD Seating Design

What type of customers do we typically work with?

We work with all restaurant concepts, remodels, assisted living facilities, churches, schools, hospitals, bars, and more. If you serve food, we serve you.

What sets us apart when it comes to our CAD design process?

We have decades of experience in commercial kitchen design and restaurant kitchen design, so we understand the questions to ask and the factors to consider. The care and focus we provide allows customers to bring their visions to life, while also guiding them to what they need to maintain efficiencies in the front and back of the house. Click here to design with Dine.

For more information about Dine Company’s design capabilities and design portfolio, visit our Commercial Kitchen Design Services page, or contact a project professional at 866-591-3463.

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