Dining Room Seating Layout

Large or small, we’ll design your dining room with the proper table height and aisle space to meet ADA compliance. We also consider foot traffic flow patterns to improve staff efficiencies and can optimize your seating layout to maximize capacity and sales volume.

At Dine Company, there’s so much more to seating than just sitting.

Seating Layout - Booths, Tables, Chairs

There’s nothing wrong with choosing standard booths, chairs, and tables for the seating in your dining room, but what if you want to stand out from the other restaurants and show your unique personality and style?

Custom Dining Room Seating

With seating manufacturers like Florida Seating, H Park Seating, and All About Furniture, the possibilities are endless. We will help guide you through the selection process and make your dining room shine.

Seat and fabric samples are available.  Ask a Customer Care Associate for more details.

Flat Table BaseWe all know wobbly tables are the #1 complaint in the restaurant industry. No one wants to be seated at a table that rocks back and forth whenever anyone touches it. Say goodbye to wobbly tables forever by replacing those bases with new bases from Flat.

Flat’s table bases automatically level using hydraulic cylinders and a set of hoses. Once the first point of contact touches the floor, fluid is pushed from that cylinder to the other cylinders until each cylinder is touching the floor causing the fluid to level the base.

How often are you pushing multiple tables together to create extra seating for large parties? And how often to those tables never quite line up properly? One table is always a little taller than the adjoining table.  Flat’s bases also solve this problem by always keeping your tables at the same height.


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