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Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machines | Restaurant Ice MakersEvery commercial foodservice operation, large or small needs ice. No beverage program is complete without quality ice. No kitchen can function without a reliable supply. At Dine Company, we provide industry-proven brands of commercial ice machines. In our store, we are proud to stock Manitowoc ice machines. We offer both Manitowoc and Ice-O-Matic in our online store. Other brands available by special order include Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Follet, and Brema. Contact Us

Modular, overbin machines allow the user to select the size of both the ice machine and the ice bin that best fits their needs. Choose from standard 22-inch wide and 30-inch wide ice machines producing from 300 to 500 pounds of ice per 24 hours. Larger, 48-inch wide models are also available, producing up to 1,500 pounds of ice per 24 hours. Standard ice bin sizes include 22-inch, 30-inch, and 48-inch wide models with storage capacities from 200 to 700 pounds of ice. Larger bins include 60-inch wide models storing up to 1,200 pounds of ice.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice MachinesUndercounter ice machines provide convenient access to ice in smaller spaces or behind a bar. With a standard height of 38 ½ inches, under-counter machines can fit under most work surfaces. These machines have the added benefit of being an all-in-one machine; both ice maker and bin together. Choose from standard 26-inch wide and 30-inch wide units producing from 150 to 300 pounds of ice per 24 hours.

With continuing advances in ice machine technology, several styles of ice are available. Standard cube ice for beverages comes in one-inch thick cubes or half-inch thick cubes. Larger, specialty size cubes are also available for cocktails. Other styles of ice available include nugget ice and flake ice.

Refrigeration options for commercial ice machines include air-cooled, water-cooled, self-contained refrigeration, and remote refrigeration. The majority of commercial ice machines come standard as self-contained, air-cooled units. These units are the easiest to install and have the lowest cost of operation. Special circumstances may call for water-cooled or remotely refrigerated units. Typically, these circumstances have to do with machines that need to be installed in tight spaces, or where poor air circulation would overheat the unit.

Prolong the lifetime of your commercial ice machine and protect your warranty by installing a water filtration system. We offer OptiPure commercial water filtration systems for any size ice machine. A water filtration system protects your ice machine from hard water and scale. Remember that ice is food too! An OptiPure system provides the clearest, cleanest ice for your beverage program.

Do you need assistance selecting an ice machine for your establishment? Call the experts at Dine Company today! At Dine Company we make foodservice easy! Our knowledgeable sales staff will listen to your specific needs and help you select the right ice machine for your operation. Do you need help with installation? We offer professional delivery and installation services on all food service equipment.

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