Used Restaurant Equipment

Dine Company stocks an extensive inventory of used restaurant equipment.  We offer our customers only the highest quality, ready-to-use equipment in the region.  Every piece of used equipment is thoroughly tested by our service techs before being offered for sale.

Used Restaurant Equipment SectionVisit out convenient Louisville, KY location to view our selection of used commercial kitchen equipment.  You can also visit the used restaurant equipment section of our ecommerce website for a sample of used equipment we have in stock or download our complete inventory of used commercial kitchen equipment here.

Let us know if you visit our store or shop online and don’t see that one specific piece of used restaurant equipment you’re looking for.  Our buyers are constantly purchasing used equipment and may already have equipment coming in which fills your needs.

Need to sell some used restaurant equipment? 

Dine Company also purchases used commercial kitchen equipment!  You are welcome to send used equipment pictures along with the best way to contact you and the location of the equipment to, fill out the form below and upload pictures, or stop in for a same day offer.

For entire restaurant packages or multiple pieces, Dine Company used equipment buyers will make an appointment for on-site appraisals of inventory.  We’ll pay top dollar for quality used foodservice equipment and furniture.

Please note, we are located in Louisville, KY and cover the Kentuckiana region up to a 150 mile radius of Louisville in search of quality used restaurant equipment.

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