Floor Mats for Safe Foodservice Facilities

Commercial foodservice operations are busy, high-foot traffic environments. Wet floors and grease are also prevalent in these establishments. Cactus floor mats provide the best prevention and safety against slip and fall hazards. Cactus Mat is an industry leader in commercial matting, serving the market since 1930. They offer a wide selection of floor mats in eye-appealing styles, colors, and sizes. They have applications for every area of the food and dining facility.

Floor Mats – Selection and Placement

Entryway mats prevent dirt and moisture from tracking in at the front door. Place scraper mats outside the door to catch heavy soil before it gets tracked in. Trap additional dirt and moisture in foyers and waiting areas with carpet mats.

Anti-fatigue mats provide extra cushion and support in areas where employees tend to stand in one spot for long periods. The extra cushion these mats provide helps reduce foot and back fatigue. Place these mats behind host stands and the expo station.

Rubber mats are essential in wet and greasy areas such as behind the bar, the cook line, and prep areas. Grease is tough on kitchen mats and deteriorates the rubber over time. Grease-resistant mats in prep areas hold up better over time. Select rubber mats with beveled edges instead of straight edges to reduce trip hazards.

Cactus Mat Floor Mats - Entryway, Anti-Fatigue, Rubber

Cactus Mat Floor Mats – Entryway, Anti-Fatigue, Rubber

Floor Mats – Care and Maintenance

For regular maintenance, vacuum entryway mats daily. Deep clean as needed using deck brush and mild water-based detergent or shampoo. To care for your rubber Cactus mats, scrub them daily with a deck brush and a mild dish detergent. There is no need for a degreaser. Never use butyl degreaser, oven cleaner or chlorine bleach as this will break down the rubber materials in the mats.

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