Ventless Equipment

Traditional commercial kitchen ventilation draws airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat and steam from the cook line and cooking equipment and exhausts them outside of the space through ductwork and fan assemblies. Hoods, depending on the quality, size and function, can be expensive to install and maintain. Although exhaust hoods are standard in most foodservice establishments, some establishments are not able to install exhaust hoods. If traditional ventilation is not possible a great alternative is ventless equipment.

Ventless technology does the same effluent filtering but it is done within the design of the equipment. Manufacturers continue to innovate and advance technology to increase productivity and benefit operators. For information on specific manufactures and ventless equipment, see the pages below.

Ventless Equipment Options

Rational Combi Ovens

As the global leader in combi oven manufacturing with more than 750,000 units in commercial kitchens, RATIONAL is THE name in combi ovens.

Confused about combis? Do you wonder if a combi will work for your business? What about day-to-day operations? The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® combi oven overcomes every fear and obstacle with its ease of use and versatility.

RATIONAL combi ovens combine a convection oven, steamer, and broiler into one piece of equipment and can even be configured as ventless – not requiring an exhaust system. With limited space in kitchens and the cost and regulations of installing a hood system, a ventless combi oven may work best to produce food at certain locations.

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Merrychef Ventless Ovens

Beginning with their very first high-speed oven designed in 1950, Merrychef has been developing an entirely new method of cooking in kitchens and restaurants around the world: Cooking with Ventless Equipment. Merrychef is dedicated to providing fast, flavorful food without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Merrychef’s eikon e2s oven is designed with front-of-house operation in mind. It’s easy to install on a standard countertop and easy to use, delivering high-quality results by cooking up to 20x faster than conventional ovens. Merrychef ovens can cook, toast, grill and reheat food in a repeatable manner, increasing the consistency between batches of cooking. 

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Ventless Pizza Ovens

Ventless cooking has grown quickly in popularity in the foodservice industry over the last several years. One of the areas experiencing growth is pizzerias. Operators can easily customize cook times, blower speeds, and temperatures for each pizza. This increases control while leaving production unhindered.

With reduced operating costs, cleaning, and maintenance as well as not being required to be placed under an exhaust hood, ventless cooking equipment can be seen as a more affordable option for pizzerias. Ventless cooking equipment also allows for a wider range of installation options including locations where ventilation is not feasible.

Major manufacturers including Ovention, Lincoln, and Turbo Chef produce the industry’s highest quality ventless pizza ovens.

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Convotherm Combi Ovens

Whether creating a more exciting culinary experience, a more efficient kitchen workflow, or offering a wider menu to their guests, all of these things can be accomplished with a Convotherm combi oven.

Convotherm has over twenty combi ovens that are UL Listed as ventless equipment. Due to their superior ventless technology, Convotherm units do not require additional ventilation hoods, therefore reducing initial installation cost as well as overall energy costs.

Convotherm combi ovens are also space savers.  Combi ovens make a great addition to foodservice establishments with limited kitchen space or for operators wanting to place the unit in the front of the house. The units can also be moved throughout locations, ideal for caterers and mobile foodservice operators where installing ventilation is not possible.

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Alto-Shaam Vector™ Multi-Cook Oven

Alto-Shaam understands that an oven is central to all kitchens. That’s why they design and manufacture products that perform flawlessly in the most demanding conditions to give operators confidence and consistency in every meal.

Alto-Shaam’s Vector™ Multi-Cook Oven features exclusive Structured Air Technology™ – a breakthrough in cooking technology in a category by itself. Imagine the flexibility, variety, and space-savings with four ovens in one. Cook up to four different food items simultaneously with no flavor transfer. Control temperature, fan speed, and time in multiple, independent oven chambers all in one small 21” footprint. Place it almost anywhere thanks to ventless operation.

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Ventless Dishmachines

Ventless equipment has grown in popularity over the last several years as it is often a way to reduce operating costs, cleaning and maintenance by eliminating the need for an exhaust hood system. Ventless equipment has evolved from traditional ventless ovens to innovative solutions for full-service foodservice establishments, including ventless dishmachines.

Major manufacturers including Hobart and Jackson WareWashing Systems have contributed to the innovation and development of some of the highest quality ventless dishwashers on the market. High capacity ventless dishmachines will clean dozens of racks per hour while working without a hood.

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