Ventless Pizza Ovens

Ventless cooking has grown quickly in popularity over the last several years. With ventless equipment not requiring expensive commercial hood systems, as well as a reduction in operating costs, cleaning and maintenance, ventless cooking can be seen as a more affordable option for foodservice operators. Ventless cooking also gives a wider range of installation options, including locations where ventilation is not feasible, therefore cooking was not feasible before ventless equipment. Pizzerias are one of the foodservice segments that have taken advantage of ventless equipment.  Major manufacturers like Ovention, Lincoln, and Turbo Chef produce the industry’s highest quality ventless pizza ovens.

Ovention Ventless Pizza Ovens

Ovention offers a variety of UL-certified ventless operations including several stacked configurations. Not only are ovention ovens ventless, but they have technology that allows foodservice operators to customize cook time, independent blower speeds and temperature for each pizza. This increases cooking control while leaving high volume production unhindered. Ovention manufacturers multiple models of ventless pizza ovens.

Ovention Matchbox Oven

The Matchbox oven saves you time, energy, and money – not only in cook time and electricity, but also in labor. The Matchbox uses a proprietary technology called Auto Load and Unload. This moves the cooking surface into the cavity at the touch of a button, beginning the cook cycle. Once the cook cycle has completed, the cooking surface will automatically exit the cavity. This saves four steps compared to a manual load oven, monopolizing less of your staff’s time and making it simpler to use.

Ovention Shuttle Oven

The Shuttle Ovention Oven can operate as a traditional conveyor for maximum throughput. It can also switch into “Shuttle Mode” which encloses the cavity and utilizes custom oven temperature, time, and independent top and bottom blower speeds for each item. The closed cavity holds moisture in food products, maintaining food integrity along with a 30% higher yield. It’s also one-third more energy efficient than traditional countertop conveyors and has the added benefit of producing less heat in the kitchen.

Ovention MiLO Oven

Ovention MiLO® ovens bring the unmatched quality, speed, and consistency of cooking that Ovention is known for. Consistent with the rest of the Ovention lines, the MiLO® ovens are all ventless, giving you flexibility for the installation location. The ovens also provide USB loading capabilities for ease of programming and sharing settings between multiple ovens. MiLO® ovens use a first-of-its-kind technology called Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR), the first successful integration of hot air and IR in an oven that applies the strength of each technology. The hot air in the enclosed cavity allows for even, consistent cooking and a higher yield. The IR elements on both the top and bottom of each cavity provide more efficient caramelization without over-drying product.

Lincoln Pizza Ovens

Lincoln’s electric countertop ovens large-oven capacity almost anywhere you need it. They are small enough to fit on most commercial countertops but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwave ovens.

Lincoln Conveyor Ovens

The Digital CTI (V2500 Series) adds a catalytic converter and UL Category KNLZ Listed for ventless installations, saving money and time during installation. Because no venting hood is required, operators have more flexibility as to where the oven can be installed.

Lincoln Digital Countertop Impinger OvenThis Digital Countertop Impinger (CTI) is manufactured with state-of-the-art positive detent digital controls. The intuitive interface of the “push button” control panel with a digital temperature display and four (4) pre-set menu options provides a ‘simple-to-operate’ end-user experience with consistent throughput. The Digital CTI also includes a robust, ‘stepper’ motor for the conveyor that is push-button reversible and provides a bake time range from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. The temperature range is a wider 90°F (32°C) to 600°F (315°C).

Features & Benefits
  • Air Impingement – uses hot air under pressure which surrounds food with small jets of hot air. This allows for rapid heating, cooking, baking and crisping of foods, two or four times faster than conventional ovens, depending on food product cooked.
  • Uniform Heating – offers a wide tolerance for rapid baking at a variety of temperatures.
  • Variable Speed Continuous Cook Platform – moves products through the oven one after another, improving product flow during cooking and virtually eliminating labor.
  • Customer Specific Air Fingers – allow for top and bottom heat to be adjusted and controlled by zoning.
  • State-of-the-Art Positive Detent Digital Controls – assure consistency and easy oven programming and adjusting.
  • Reversible Conveyor Direction Switch – allows operators to control the direction of the conveyor at the flick of a switch.
  • KNLZ Ventless Certification – means no venting is required (local codes prevail).

TurboChef Ventless Pizza Ovens

TurboChef manufactures three lines of ventless technology including ventless rapid cook ovens, ventless high-speed conveyors and ventless high-speed impingement ovens. TurboChef rapid cook ovens utilize top and/or bottom air impingement assisted b precise bursts of microwave to decrease cook times by more than 80% without compromising quality. Unprecedented high-h air impingement and available catalyst technology heats food faster than any other conveyor on the market. TurboChef impingement ovens utilize precisely controlled top and bottom air to increase heat transfer rates, resulting in cook times that are 40-50% faster.

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