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Trends in the Foodservice Industry

Keeping up with trends in foodservice can be a headache. With the everchanging needs of your customer base, it’s important that you not only work to serve your customer’s needs but that you set yourself apart from your competition. Below we’ve curated a listing of resources for trends in the foodservice industry to help you help your customers in faster, safer, and more efficient ways. We are constantly adding to this resource, so be sure to check back in with us throughout the year for updates on new trends in the foodservice industry.

Current Trends in the Foodservice Industry

Last Updated: 04/2020

Touchless Transactions

Touchless transactions have become more and more popular over the last few years. From tap to pay to have voice-operated ordering kiosks, touchless is definitely a trend impacting the operation of foodservice establishments. Another touchless implementation is electronic lockers that open when customers arrive to pick up carry-out orders. Customers can just enter a code on an app on their phone and their locker opens with their food ready to go. Not only are touchless transactions quicker and often easier for both the customer and the establishment, but it is safer with less spread of germs and less contact between customer and employee. 

For more information on touchless transactions or for ideas on how to implement this technology into your foodservice establishment click the button below.

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Last Updated: 04/2020

Quick & Safe Delivery

For hundreds of years, foodservice has been delivering food, but as cuisine continues to evolve and become more elaborate and as foodservice establishments become more robust, quick and safe delivery is valued now more than ever. By offering delivery through third-party operators, foodservice establishments are able to reach a larger customer base, while also saving themselves labor, time, and money. However, this method of delivery does not come without concerns. The largest two concerns of delivery today are the quickness and safety of food over the delivery time. Foodservice manufacturers have worked to eliminate this problem through the use of freshness seals on delivery bags, the engineering of to-go containers, and portable food warming equipment.

For more information on quick and safe delivery or for ideas on how to implement this operation method into your foodservice establishment click the button below.

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Last Updated: 04/2020

Touchless Equipment

The foodservice industry has been built around keeping customers and employees safe. Touchless equipment is a great option to reduce the spread of germs and best protect anyone who comes into your foodservice establishment. Touchless equipment is a trend that will be here to stay. Foodservice Equipment manufacturers have worked to develop many touchless solutions for your customers and staff. Touchless equipment has grown to include electronic sensor faucets, touch-free blow dryers, and even door levers so that you don’t have to pull a door open with a handle. These manufacturers have continued to create innovative solutions to reduce contact on surfaces and between your customers and employees. 

For more information on touchless equipment or for help on how to implement this technology into your foodservice establishment click the button below.

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Last Updated 05/2020

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are where virtual foodservice establishments can prep, produce, sell, and deliver food, without having customers come into a brick and mortar location. Virtual brands are delivery-only concepts, sold exclusively online and through delivery apps. Ghost kitchens are growing in popularity due to the explosive success delivery is experiencing in the foodservice industry. Ghost kitchens have quite a few benefits including that they can be built in a variety of real estate that was previously not a great location or layout for a typical restaurant or foodservice establishment. Ghost kitchens are also able to build a unique menu that might not cater well to a brick and mortar restaurant. 

For more information on Ghost Kitchens click on the link below:

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open kitchen concept

Last Updated 06/2020

Open Kitchen Concept

In the past, restaurants were known for food magically appearing from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the food was prepared. However, the post-modern diner seems to want transparency rather than mystery. Not only are open kitchens a great way to achieve this transparency, but this method of operation can also be offered as a source of entertainment for guests.

For more information on the benefits of open kitchens or for help on how to design an open kitchen click the button below.

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Trends in foodservice: School lunchesLast Updated 07/2020

Schools and COVID-19: The New Normal

“New Normal” is a target that keeps shifting. Right now, it means not gathering lots of students into closed spaces, like cafeterias. How can you continue to feed students hot, nutritious meals without going to a lunchroom?

For product recommendations for adapting to and implementing this style of operation in a safe and efficient way click the button below.

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