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Open Kitchen Concept

In the past, restaurants were known for food magically appearing from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the food was prepared. However, the post-modern diner seems to want transparency rather than mystery. Not only are open kitchens a great way to achieve this transparency, but this method of operation can also be offered as a source of entertainment for guests.

Benefits to Open Kitchens

Transparency is a key trend impacting business decisions. An open kitchen can be a great way to showcase a foodservice establishment’s sanitary processes and proper cooking techniques. This is a great way to eliminate customer concerns and to showcase food preparation with high quality, fresh ingredients.

The sounds, smells, and sights of an open kitchen can help customers work up an appetite.  The design of an open kitchen can even further add to this element of the business. Having chefs cook in an open space directly in front of customers allows guests to be immersed in the smells, sounds, and sights of their food being prepared. This, must, however, be controlled as overpowering smells could deter customers from the overall enjoyable experience of an open kitchen.  

The design of an open kitchen should be not only conducive to increasing a customer’s appetite, but it can also add to the overall experience of the restaurant. An open kitchen must be both inviting and a low-stress environment. Increasing the functionality of the open kitchen helps reduce clutter, loud noises, and otherwise unpleasant elements in an establishment. Only when focusing on the functionality of a kitchen, can the uniqueness and fun aspects of an open kitchen flourish.


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Design with Dine

Are you interested in designing an open kitchen? Turn to the professionals who understand the stringent requirements of the foodservice industry. With more than 30 years of experience in the commercial kitchen design and restaurant kitchen design industry, we understand the questions to ask and the factors to consider. Experience the difference our knowledge and services make. Our comprehensive project management includes consultation with industry experts who work with you for the kitchen design, equipment selection, and specifications, and permitting while following all mechanical and health department regulations. We use the latest AutoCAD and REVIT technology and equipment advancements to make sure your foodservice or restaurant kitchen design is exactly to your specifications and vision for your concept.

Our services go beyond commercial kitchen design. We work from concept to completion with design, equipment, and installation services. We partner with you every step of the way to make foodservice easier and more profitable.

For more information on our commercial kitchen design services, contact us today at 502-637-3232 or or download our new design flyer here.

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