Commercial Shelving

Chances are you probably have not thought of what shelving you are going to use in your restaurant or storage room. There is a lot to consider when deciding what types, you are going to use and where they will be located. We highly recommend being aware of all of your storage options during the design phase of your restaurant, assisted living facility, commissary, or church. Make sure you are able to use every square inch of available space for maximum utilization.

shelvingWe consider shelving to be a crucial factor for your kitchen’s efficiency and work flow. When designing the size of your walk-in cooler or freezer, we make sure to configure it to the size necessary in order that it fits properly inside. This may save inches on the size of the box and reduce the cost of the walk-in significantly. We also work front-to-back and back-to-front for work flow. We make sure to consider where your walk-ins and dry storage space is located compared to the prepline and cookline. This ensures that we are not too far away for deliveries for the kitchen. When designing the dish room, we always factor in shelving units, possibly mobile, for soiled dishes to be loaded on racks, and racks on the clean side of the dish machine to allow the wares to dry quickly. While you might be tempted to forget about the waitress station or cleaning closest during the design phase, we have you covered for every finishing detail.

Types of Shelving:

During the design phase of your space, it is important to know what type of shelving you will need in each location of your establishment. There are many types available at many different levels of quality, utility, mobility, material, and capacity.

  • Wire Shelving is the most common type of unit used for dry storage and walk-ins. You can use any shelving for dry storage, but need to shelvingmakes sure to use epoxy coated shelving in wet areas such as dish rooms and walk-ins. You must regularly inspect your shelving for rust as required by health inspection policies. Wire shelving comes in most nominal sizes from 14 inches to 36 inches deep and 18 inches to 72 inches wide. Weight capacity can vary from 150 pounds per shelf up to 600 pounds per shelf for Eagle Quadtrus shelving.
  • Most foodservice establishments are choosing to use heavy duty plastic shelving units from Cambro and Metro. Plastic shelving is an investment that lasts. This investment pays in maximum utilization and sanitation. Shelving units can come with easy to adjust shelf levels, removable shelves that can go through dish washer, perforated or solid shelves, dish drainage shelves, and so much more. We recommend plastic shelving to customers who want their investments to last and not have to worry about the shelving unit wearing down too quickly. We highly recommend plastic units in dish rooms and in walk-in storage.
  • ShelvingHeavy duty cantilever shelving units and modular utility units or workstations are gaining popularity. With kitchens and work spaces getting smaller and smaller, spaces have to be able to do more with less. We are able to design and configure work spaces that allow an individual to work from one space and have everything they need in arm reach. This includes a work surface to work on, storage below with a drawer, and a grid on the unit at the back with hooks to hand utensils or baskets to hold accessories. These all-in-one units improve operational efficiency and make sure everything goes back to where it needs to go at the end of the day.
  • For the smallest of spaces that must have maximum storage capacity, we recommend track systems. These systems allow middle shelving units to roll back and forth on a track and can collapse to one end to access a side of a shelf. Fit six units in a space that can only fit four without tracks.
  • Wall shelving and over shelves on equipment are great ways to add storage capacity in prep areas over sinks. Wall shelving can be stainless or wire. This type is not meant for heavy loads. Because of this, how it will be mounted and what it will hold should be considered.


When it comes to shelving and storage options, the key thing to remember is that the options are really endless. Our product specialist will help you find the replacement units you are needing or help design your space according to your needs and budget. Contact us today at 502-637-3232 or for more information.

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