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Ghost kitchens are where virtual foodservice establishments can prep, produce, sell, and deliver food, without having customers come into a brick and mortar location. Virtual brands are delivery-only concepts, sold exclusively online and through delivery apps. Ghost kitchens are growing in popularity due to the explosive success delivery is experiencing in the foodservice industry. Ghost kitchens have quite a few benefits including that they can be built in a variety of real estate that was previously not a great location or layout for a typical restaurant or foodservice establishment. Ghost kitchens are also able to build a unique menu that might not cater well to a brick and mortar restaurant. 

Benefits of Ghost Kitchens

Less Space Required

As mentioned previously, there are many benefits to ghost kitchens. One of those benefits is that less space is required for the foodservice establishment. In a typical sit-down restaurant, space is required for your lobby and traditional dining room. In a ghost kitchen, there is no need for this space as the only space needed is for the prep-kitchen area.

Decreased Payroll

Another benefit to this style of foodservice establishment is that with less space, front-of-house employees are not needed, so compared to a typical restaurant, payroll can be significantly decreased. This can help improve your bottom line and increase your establishment’s profitability.

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Build a better experience

These establishments have the unique ability to build a better customer experience as they are able to quickly intake and prepare orders. One way to do this is by offering customizable menu items that in a traditional restaurant would not be able to be customized.

Expand customer range

A large advantage to ghost kitchens is their ability to expand their customer range through delivery. Typically, customers who would not be willing to drive long distances regularly might be more willing to order takeout. Ghost kitchens, due to not having a brick and mortar location, can market to a larger segment of people in a larger geographic segment.

Short Term Commitment

One last benefit to ghost kitchens is that the concept does not require a long-term commitment. Regular sit-down establishments require investments in printed branding, signage, menus, and other promotional products that are often not necessary.  This allows for the restaurant’s menu and branding to adjust to what the market is responsive to. 

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