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Touchless Transactions

Touchless transactions have become more and more popular over the last few years. From tap-to-pay transactions to voice-operated ordering kiosks, touchless operation is definitely a trend impacting the operation of foodservice establishments. Not only are touchless transactions quicker and often easier for both the customer and the establishment, but they are a safer way to operate with less spread of germs and less contact between customer and employee. 

touchless transactionTap to Pay

Wanting to reduce contact between your staff and customers as they are paying for their bill? Contactless credit cards let you “tap” to pay. Touchless payment is quick, easy, and sanitary. While touchless payment is a newer trend, many foodservice establishments have begun to incorporate this technology into their payment processing. Contactless cards use near field communication (NFC) technology in order to process payment. This occurs through waving the card over the terminal. With this type of card, there’s no need to swipe, sign, or dip. Many major card companies including American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, and Discover have implemented this technology as an option on new card roll-outs. 

Voice Operated Ordering

With 1 out of 6 adults in the US owning a voice-activated smart speaker, it’s no surprise that we see the innovation and inclusion of this trend in the foodservice industry. Front-of-house staff is often pulled in many directions in busy fast food and quick service establishments. Installing voice-operated ordering kiosks is a great way to free up these busy employees. These kiosks use voice recognition programs in order to take orders. Orders can be altered according to the customer’s requests and then sent to the kitchen staff to prepare the order.  

Touchless Order Pick-up

Customers now more than ever are concerned with the safety, sanitation, and social distancing from one another. While food service establishments are taking every precaution to keep their cooking and prep areas sanitized and safe, customers are looking for innovative solutions that help increase safety and sanitation while minimizing their interactions with other customers and employees. Carter Hoffman recently released their PUC Pick-up cabinet. This antimicrobial, connected pick-up cabinet could be one of the biggest changes in today’s takeout foodservice operations. Carter Hoffman’s PUC’s heated and ambient configurations allow or variation in menu item storage. Food items are kept in individual sections of the cabinet that create safe storage, but also holding capabilities that preserve quality. This is a great way to offer touchless order pick-up to your customers, without having to worry about a decrease in customer satisfaction. 


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