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The foodservice industry has been built around keeping customers and employees safe. Touchless equipment is a great option to reduce the spread of germs and best protect anyone who comes into your foodservice establishment. Touchless equipment is a trend that will be here to stay. Foodservice Equipment manufacturers have worked to develop many touchless solutions for your customers and staff. Touchless equipment has grown to include electronic sensor faucets, touch-free blow dryers, and even door levers so that you don’t have to pull a door open with a handle. These manufacturers have continued to create innovative solutions to reduce contact on surfaces and between your customers and employees. 

Electronic Sensor Faucets

faucet The CDC claims “handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection”. Due to frequent touching and ineffective handwashing, retouching manual faucet handles after hand-washing can lead to disease transmission. Hands-free sensor faucets greatly reduce this risk. Sensor faucets utilize rise proximity sensors to detect motion using beams of infrared light. A disruption of the beam’s path activates water flow, while restoration of the beam stops the flow of water. Not only with sensor faucets do you reduce cross-contamination and transmission of diseases, but you can reduce the amount of water used. This can help you achieve sustainability goals for resource conservation while also protecting your employees and customers.

hand dryer

Touch-Free Hand Dryers

Touchless hand dryers are a great way to improve hand hygiene. Touchless hand dryers are often wall-mounted and can dry hands completely in just seconds. Not only do touch-free hand dryers reduce cross-contamination of bacteria but they also avoid generating contaminated waste from used paper towels. Touch-free hand dryers are also more economical than using paper towels because they do not need to be restocked, replaced, or replenished nearly as often. Additionally, touch-free hand dryers are more economical than manual because they have a shorter cycle time which dry’s hands quicker and more efficiently, while reducing your electricity usage.


foot pullFoot Pulls

Door handles are one of the dirtiest objects in an entire foodservice establishment because they are used by nearly every customer and employee. Foot pulls for doors allow the opening of restroom doors without the use of hands. These door pulls can be bolted through the door for maximum durability. These are great for usage in healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, government and military facilities, foodservice establishments, and throughout the hospitality industry.    
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