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Quick and Safe Delivery

For hundreds of years, foodservice establishments have been delivering food, but as the cuisine offered in foodservice establishments continues to evolve and become more elaborate and as foodservice establishments become more robust, quick and safe delivery is valued now more than ever. By offering delivery through third-party operators, foodservice establishments are able to reach a larger customer base, while also saving themselves labor, time, and money. However, this method of delivery does not come without concerns. The largest two concerns of delivery today are the quickness and safety of food over the delivery time. Foodservice manufacturers have worked to eliminate this problem through the use of freshness seals on delivery bags, the engineering of to-go containers, and portable food warming equipment.

Freshness Seals

freshness seal

Nearly 60% of us consumers order delivery or takeout once a week. 31% of the consumers that order takeout use third-party services at least twice a week. During the recent pandemic takeout and delivery have become the only options for eating out. As third-party delivery options become more popular and carryout becomes the new normal, its important that restaurants instill confidence in their customers through safety measures in order to maintain customer satisfaction. One way to do this is through the use of freshness seals. Freshness seals are placed at the top and sides of delivery bags to ensure that the individual delivering the food is unable to tamper with the food. These seals can also be used to list important information about the order including when the item was cooked and what time it is “best by”.



Portable Food Warming Equipment

Portable food warming equipment is another great option for foodservice operators that cater and need to hold and transport food off-site. Metro Mightylite food pan carriers are a great option for portable food warming equipment. Their lightweight design allows for easy carrying and delivery. They also have a variety of accessories including carrier dollies for catering orders as well as food pan carrier heaters for longer holding times for items that may cool off and spoil quickly.  




to go container

To-Go Containers Construction

The way a foodservice establishment packages and delivers food can completely make or break their dishes. It’s no secret that certain types of food are much harder to keep fresh for extended periods of time. Soggy takeout food can be a thing of the past as foodservice manufacturers have created to go boxes specifically designed for fried foods. To-go containers are now being built with small vents in order to let steam and moisture from hot food escape without your customer’s food getting cold. This is a great way to protect the quality of your food without limiting the options on your menu.



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