In any commercial kitchen, one of the most relied upon appliances that often goes unnoticed is the warming equipment. With the right warming equipment in your kitchen, your staff can confidently churn out dish after dish without hesitation. Food will stay delicious and ready-to-serve, creating a seamless experience for your front and back of the house staff. While warming equipment is critical for your busy restaurant, it can be challenging to navigate through the different options offered. We’ve developed a guide to help you understand which piece of warming equipment is best for your needs.

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Heating and Proofing Cabinets

Heating and proofing cabinets are some of the most versatile and popular pieces of warming equipment found in commercial kitchens. These robust warming cabinets can be modified to fit the needs of your kitchen. There are three primary forms of heating and proofing cabinets, including:

Warming Cabinet

This type of warming equipment is commonly used in fixed locations and can often be found in buffets due to their ability to store large quantities of food.

Heated Transport Cabinet

Ideal for moving hot foods from point A to point B, heated transport cabinets allow operations the flexibility to move food short distances.

Proofing Cabinet

The term ‘proofing’ is the final fermentation rest that bakers give doughs to rise. This cabinet is specially designed for this process and these types of foods.

Drawer Warmers

Drawer warmers are another popular piece of equipment for commercial kitchens. They’re safe, compact and can keep a large number of items warm simultaneously without adding bulk to your kitchen. Drawer warmers slide in and out and are used to hold the temperature of chips, bread and other items of this nature for long periods of time. Customize the temperature setting of this versatile piece of equipment to accommodate the foods inside for the best results.

88036396 - Guide to Buying Warming Equipment

Finding the Right Equipment for Your Kitchen

As you can see, there are many different types of warming equipment designed to make the daily operation of your commercial kitchen run as smoothly as possible. If you are still unsure which is best for your business, a local dealer can assess the needs of your business and your kitchen space to recommend the best possible equipment.

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