As temperatures start to get cooler, fall hunting season is beginning and many are thinking about the steps needed to process the game they hunt. Whether the meat is processed in the field or at a commercial facility, you can find all the tools for meat/game processing!

A Very Sharp Knife

Local builder and hunter, Chris McKain says one of his favorite tools is a “very sharp knife”. Good quality knives are essential to cut through the meat, remove skin, hair, and begin processing. The BPX knives from Mercer Culinary can take the punishment of butchering while maintaining precise cuts. These knives are made of high carbon German steel, have a taper-ground edge for lasting sharpness, and are ice hardened to increase blade strength.  

Meat Processing - Mercer Culinary BPX Knife
Meat Processing - Falcon Worktable

Large Worktable

When starting to process your meat, McKain says it’s “essential to have a large workspace and a grinder”. Falcon worktables are the best solution with sturdy, stainless steel construction. These tables are available in a variety of sizes from 24” x 24” to 96” x 30”, and can withstand an average of 400 lbs. All tables have an undershelf for easy storage of additional equipment and supplies.


Many may prefer their meat ground, so a grinder is the next essential piece of equipment in the process.

The Chefmate Series of Meat Choppers by Globe are powerful, durable, and easy to clean while staying in budget. The CM22’s high torque motor can run up to 1.5 HP with a gear-driven transmission and produce up to 450 lbs of meat per hour. The chopper comes standard with a variety of accessories including a knife, stainless steel product tray, and 1/4“ and 5/16” plates. The entire chopper is compact in size and will fit concisely on the lower shelf of your stainless work table.

Meat Processing - Globe Grinder
Meat Processing - Globe Vacuum Machine

Vacuum Packing

If you plan to store your meat, the final piece of equipment you will need, is the all-new Globe Vacuum Packaging Machines.

This machine allows you to vacuum seal perfect portions of meat and ensure long-lasting freshness! The digital screen clearly displays both vacuum and sealing times for accuracy and success. The timed vacuum cycle takes only 50 seconds and timed sealing is 4.5 seconds. Lastly, the stop and seal button allow the operator to complete and seal products before the end of the cycle.

From cutlery to tables and full equipment, there are a number of tools needed when prepping and processing meat. Whether you prepare game for personal or commercial use, Dine Company looks forward to delivering excellence and an exceptional customer experience!

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