The commercial kitchen knife is the most important food prep tool in your kitchen. Without the proper tools, prep quality and efficiencies greatly diminish. There are numerous different knives for all different uses from cutting meat and seafood to vegetable prep. You do not need every style available, but here are the top 6 knives we recommend for your commercial kitchen:

Chef’s Knife

Also known as the cook’s knife, it is available in lengths for 6″ to 12″ and has more uses than any other one in the kitchen.  The blade is wide at the handle and tapers to a point. You use it by rocking the handle up and down with one hand, without lifting the point. This style is a workhorse , good for dicing or mincing celery, onions, nutmeats, parsley, peppers, etc.

chefs knife


Slicing Knife

Slim knife with strong blade and fine cutting edge. This style is good for preparing all kinds of meat and for carving roasts. Although there are many patterns to select from, a slicer or carver should have adequate length to permit smooth slicing action.


Serrated Utility Knife

A sharp serrated utility knife is most efficient for tomatoes, salami, croissants and other small foods with hard crust or skin. It makes the job of cutting juicy or soft vegetables, fruits, and baked goods much easier. For acidic fruits, a stainless steel blade is preferred because it will cause a carbon steel blade to rust.

utility knife

Boning Knife

Slim, characteristically curved blade with straight cutting edge varies in length from 4″ to 8″. Best suited for cutting meat off the bone. For boning roasts, whole hams, lamb legs, veal legs, and filleting fish, a narrow flexible blade is best.


Paring Knife

This small, versatile style with a slim blade with center tip and straight cutting edge. Peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables. This style is also suitable for preparing meat.

paring knife

Bread Knife

Long, strong blade with a scalloped edge. The scalloped edge goes effortlessly through strong crusts and cuts clean slices with its aggressive, longer prongs. We highly recommend the offset bread design; the raised handle makes for comfortable slicing.

bread knife

Knowing your way around the commercial kitchen means knowing your knives and their purpose. You cannot go wrong with these 6 knives in your arsenal. The right knife for the job will help you “keep your edge” with your customer.

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