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A memorable experience at your restaurant begins long before the customer dines on their favorite dish. Proper marketing and advertising entices and tantalizes your potential guests but will your facility and staff measure up to your guest’s expectations?

What image are you conveying to your guests? Are you sharp, clean and up for the task? Are your patrons looking forward to their experience, or, are they turning away because of a poorly kept facility or a lack of proper execution?

Dine Company – The Restaurant Store can help you with all the opportunities you have in the Front of the House to really WOW your guests and keep them coming back time and again.

Remember, “You never get a second chance to make a lasting first impression.” Let Dine Company help you do it right the first time, every time.

Top 10 Tips for FOH Impressions:

10. Parking Area: Have you ever decided to stop somewhere and before you get out of the vehicle you change your mind because of the condition of the parking area? Guess what, YOUR potential guests do that too!

We stock brooms, deck brushes, smoking receptacles, ashtrays, trash cans, lobby pans and bright, vibrant open signs. Everything you need to be inviting.

9. Lobby and Entrance Area: A spotless, fresh-smelling entrance is just the thing your business needs to keep your guests thinking of the menu even after their customer experience has ended.

We stock floor mats and glass cleaner for the entrance doors and windows. We also stock small trash cans for the hostess stand and copper, brass and metal polish for your fixtures and kick plates. Everything you need to keep your lobby area shining like a new penny.

8. Bathrooms: In the eyes of your guests, the cleanliness of this area in your restaurant is as important as the cleanliness of your kitchen. Make sure you cover all the little steps involved in presenting a clean, fresh-smelling restroom area.

It is important that the separate bathrooms are clearly marked “Men” and “Women”. Additionally, if this restroom is the one that is also used by your employees, you must have a sign above the hand sink instructing employees to wash their hands before returning to work. We stock all the different types of signage you will ever need.

We carry many styles of paper towel holders, toilet paper holders as well as soap dispensers and their refills and automatic touch-free hand dryers.

We also stock trash cans, sanitary napkin wastebaskets, rubber gloves for cleaning, urinal screens, and all the cleansers needed to sanitize and maintain a spotless restroom for your guests. This area is important!

7. Floor Surfaces: Whatever the surface of your floor; wood, tile or carpet, we can help you to maintain it and keep it in tip-top shape.

Lobby pans, small and large brooms, floor cleaner, floor sweepers, mop heads, mop buckets, mop handles and super strong degreaser for the deep clean! We also stock “Caution: Wet Floor” signs to keep your guests and your crew safe during clean up time. Surfaces so clean, as they say, “you could eat off the floor!!”

6. Chairs and Table Bases: Oh my, what is more, irritating than a crying baby in a quiet restaurant? A WOBBLY table, that’s what!

Dine stocks chair glides, table levelers and chair leg caps. We also stock several colors of very affordable and comfortable stack chairs. You will find a huge selection of table bases and tabletops as well. We can cover all your FOH tables and seating needs. Something as simple as chairs and table bases can create a memorable atmosphere for an excellent experience.

5. Table Appointments: Dine stocks everything you need to present a stunning tabletop. We can show you the newest designs for candles and table lighting from Hollowick as well as an exciting option for using candle oil.

We carry a wide variety of salt and pepper shakers, sugar caddies, napkin holders, table tents and condiment organizers.

We have it all. A shiny, clean, clutter-free tabletop sends a message to your guests that you care about their dining needs.

4. Beverage Ware: Consistent, crack and chip-free, that is the way your glassware needs to be!

Dine stocks many different styles of glassware, from everyday wear to spectacular special occasion and crystal stemware. We also stock plastic tumblers in several sizes and colors.

We carry many different sizes of ware washing racks for the dish machine as well as soft brushes and for good glass maintenance. Now that’s Guest Centric!

3. China and Table Ware: What a difference a beautiful plate can make. Whether china, glass or melamine, the carefully chosen plate is as much a part of your presentation as the food itself.

We stock many patterns, shapes, textures, sizes, and colors to fulfill all your foodservice and presentation needs. We invite you to come to visit our china section inside our store. The tabletops decorated and displayed here can be a real inspiration for what you would like to do inside your restaurant.

Once the plate selection is made, keep your plates chip-free and in pristine condition with our dishwashing racks.

2. Silverware and Eating Utensils: Perhaps you do not notice a salad fork instead of an entrée fork being used in your restaurant, but your guests do. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful, affordable and durable silverware patterns at Dine Company.

We stock the latest trendy patterns as well as the tried and true traditional pieces. We can suit any taste and help you to create a very special dining experience for your guests.

We stock silverware sorters and silverware holders for the dish machine. We also stock the magnetic ring for the top of the trash can to help catch “runaway” silver from being thrown away.

1. NUMERO UNO!!! Staff Appearance: Your entire image and the interpretation of that image rest squarely on the shoulders of the people your guests see and interact with. What message are you conveying?

Sharpen the appearance of your staff for the perfect customer experience with aprons we stock in many shapes, lengths, and colors. We stock affordable and beautifully appointed chef coats, chef hats and chef pants for your staff.

Give your staff the tools they need to perform their tasks with skill and efficiency. We stock wine openers, bottle openers, table crumbers, check presenters, tip trays, serving trays and tray jacks.

Keep their hands clean and presentable with nail scrubbers and hand sanitizer. Choose from a wide variety of food serving gloves, hairnets and beard covers.

We have everything you need to present a cohesive, clean, concerned, committed and caring environment for your guests AND your staff.

Header photo courtesy of Anchor Hocking

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