Restaurant operators seeking ways to minimize operational costs and improve the customer experience may need to look no further than their dish rooms.  While perhaps not top-of-mind for most people, the dish room is one place where small steps are taken day-in and day-out can pay big dividends over time. Simply put, the dish room is a numbers business.  On average:

  • Every three people your restaurant serves to create one rack of dishes.
  • 50 cents per rack run is considered optimal for most dishwashers.
  • Nearly half of all restaurants are not running at optimal efficiency.  In fact, many are running rack rates of 70 cents or higher.  In short, they’re bleeding money in the dish room!

Apply those numbers to your establishment.  If you serve an average of 150 people per day, you’re likely washing at least 50 racks per day.  Over a month’s time, the difference between 50 cent racks vs 70 cent racks is $300 out of your bottom line.  Over a year, or several years – the difference is thousands.

dish racks - Dishroom Savings Operators looking to bridge that efficiency and the monetary gap can take a number of simple steps:

1. Replace Racks- Are the racks worn, missing pegs, or improperly racked?  If you’re only getting 9 plates on the rack instead of 20 – the ramifications are obvious.  Also, make certain employees are racking glass in glass racks and dishes in dish racks.  This reduces breakage and reduces the number of cycles required.  With racks costing as little as $20 to replace, it’s easy to see how quickly the cost of replacing broken or worn racks can be recouped.

2. Have Your Dishwasher Inspected- It’s wise to have your dishwasher looked at monthly by your chemical supplier to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency.  Are the temperatures correct?  Are the jets at the proper angle?  Have they worn?  Are you getting the correct flow pressure during the rinse?

3. Replace Curtains, Arms, and Jets- When times are tight, restaurateurs often try to hold out as long as possible to replace items.  The dish room is one place where this strategy can be penny wise and pound foolish.  Worn curtains let heat escape while worn jets can allow too much water through.  It costs 3 cents per gallon to heat and run water through the cycle – so wasted water adds up to wasted money.

4. Presoak Silverware- It’s important to presoak silverware from a cost, as well as sanitation, perspective.  Take the full 15 to 30 minutes required to presoak silverware.  If this is done, then silverware can run through the wash cycle fewer times – which can be a real saving.

5. Check Final Rinse Flow Pressure- Optimum final rinse pressure is 20 to 25 psi.  Most machines have a gauge you can check yourself.  Too little pressure results in a poor rinse.  Too much pressure and water usage go up. These simple steps could help your restaurant save thousands each year on utility and even labor costs allowing your staff to spend less money in the dish room. Dine Company stocks a variety of dish racks and can special order dish machines based on your needs

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