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Commercial Kitchen Design – Cincinnati, OH

​If you are opening or remodeling a restaurant or foodservice establishment in Cincinnati, OH, you are going to need commercial kitchen design services from the experienced professionals at Dine Company – The Restaurant Store.

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Located in Louisville, KY, Dine Company’s comprehensive project management includes an in-depth consultation with industry experts who are prepared to assist with all kitchen equipment selections, layouts, designs, and specifications. Dine Company uses computer aided design and cutting edge equipment advancements to make sure the Commercial Kitchen Design for your foodservice or restaurant kitchen design is exactly what you want and need.

With more than 30 years experience, Dine Company understands the right questions to ask, the internal and external factors to consider, and the answers you need to construct a new kitchen or redesign an existing one. Dine Company will work alongside owners, restaurant architects, construction managers, and other crafts and trades to ensure the Commercial Kitchen Design for your project is completed on time and on budget.

Commerical Kitchen Design : Chef Plating Food Cincinnati, OH

We can update your current Cincinnati, OH restaurant kitchen design or create a layout for a new kitchen, increasing productivity while minimizing space requirements. We assure to provide the most cost efficient design keeping within your budget. Our services include facility planning, mechanical schematics, and equipment specifications as well as many auxiliary services.

In addition to whole commercial kitchen design, we can design and plan a custom restaurant ventilation system. Exhaust systems are an integral part of restaurant kitchen design, as it is important to safely deal with both smoke and grease. Exhaust hood systems are designed to remove cooking or steam vapors from the kitchen and replenish with tempered fresh air. Proper restaurant ventilation is important both for the safety of the kitchen but also for the health of the patrons in the establishment.

We hope that we can work with you on your Commercial Kitchen Design at your Cincinnati, OH foodservice establishment. Call us today for a consultation at 502-637-3232 or email us at

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