Krowne BarFlex 3D Custom Bar Design Configurator

Custom bar design is a breeze thanks to the Krowne BarFlex 3D Custom Bar Design Configurator. Whether you own a bustling nightclub, a trendy lounge, or a cozy pub, the configurator allows you to tailor every detail to perfection in order to create a customized commercial bar that meets your needs.

Have fun creating your own free bar design by adding and moving sections of the back bar to make it your very own.

For instance, if you only want a bar sink, a blender station, and a liquor bottle holder you can see exactly how it looks with an elevated view. If you’re looking for something more in depth, you can go all out and configure every perfect detail all the way down to custom lighting options. Simply click to select products and accessories you need for your bar.

Just like a commercial kitchen, layout and functionality are important for any bar. The Krowne BarFlex 3D Custom Bar Design Configurator enables you to strategically combine key components, optimizing workflow and efficiency for your staff.

Give the configurator a try and design the perfect bar you’ve always wanted.

Krowne Custom Bar Design Examples

Krowne’s vast product customization options show they understand that commercial bars come in various styles, each with its own atmosphere, theme, and needs. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek modern aesthetic, an industrial vibe, or a classic pub feel, Krowne offers an extensive product range of custom bar sinks, ice bins, liquor holders, and more to perfectly suit your vision.

*Best when used with Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop.

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