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Hungry for new customers?

Get cooking with an innovative new food program.

If you crave a flexible and affordable prepared food program that serves up new customers and profitability, Dine Company has all the right ingredients:

  • A professional Auto CAD design based upon your workspace and budget, including the electrical and plumbing specifications your contractors require.
  • Equipment selection. We’ll balance your needs with your budget. And, we’ll introduce you to the industry’s latest innovations and greatest values so you are equipped for success.
  • Installation, which is key to the operation of any piece of equipment and protects manufacturer warranties, which can be voided if requirements are not met. Our professional installers will ensure that you obtain optimum performance and efficiency from your equipment.
  • Service you can trust by our factory trained and authorized technicians. One call gets you up and running quickly. There’s no hassle and no wasted time.
  • Affordable and flexible leasing options offered through our partner, Community Leasing Associates, allow you to invest in the future of your business without worrying about significant “up front” costs.


Dine Company Helped Us Double Our Deli Sales!

We added a hot, prepared food program developed by Dine Company, and our deli sales doubled!

I was initially worried about a grease coating and smell throughout the store and whether my staff could handle the additional work efficiently.

Dine Company addressed all of my concerns with a well-designed ventilation system, selection of the proper equipment, and on-site training. And, with the rapid growth I experienced, I was able to pay for my investment in less than a year.

Dine Company has the ideas, expertise, and experience to help you grow your business.


David Hatchett

Fast Fuels

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