This Wok Rocks!

By Staton Lang. Originally published in The Courier Journal, March 5, 2011. Our thanks go out to Staton for writing such a great article!

The wok is the mover and the shaker in the cooking world.  Oh, the things you can do in a wok.  Complete meals in one vessel.

With a little practice and proper care of your wok, you can effortlessly dish out hassle-free dinners in minutes.

I have a confession to make. I have ruined several department store, Teflon-coated woks.  Three to be exact.  My decision to get another wok — my last wok — was not an easy one.

When I told my children that Mommy was getting another wok, they were not impressed.

My kids had gallantly endured the charred, half-cooked, burnt-tasting atrocities I had produced in my previous woks.

I did some research online — my research revealed that I was looking for a wok made from a single piece of cold-forged steel.  And then I trotted on over to Dine Company — The Restaurant Store.  Dine is the place to find cooking goodies! I have shopped at Dine for years, but I always avoided the “real” wok section.  I was not worthy of those hand-hammered beauties, and quite frankly, they frightened me.

I approached the wok section with hesitation.  I think they could sense my fear.  One wok was so big; it looked like the chassis for a VW bug.

I zeroed in on the 14-inch Cantonese wok.  Hand-hammered?  Check.  Cold-forged?  Check.  Affordable?  Check.  This wok is a bargain at $13.98; the accompanying wok ring was $7.18.

The store manager and I discussed the “seasoning” of the wok — the process that ensures a perfect nonstick surface.  Seasoning instructions were included with my wok.

I also purchased a bag of chopsticks and a Chinese cooking shovel.

My kids are thrilled with the new wok.  Hot, healthy, quick dinners! Yum.

My daughter Hannah surprised me with breakfast one recent Saturday morning.  Sausage, scrambled eggs and home fries, all prepared in the wok.  Practice makes perfect — and delicious.

Check out this wok at Dine Company, 3110 Preston Highway.

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