Sink & Dishtable Deals

Shop in store through Jan 28 for deals on clearance/scratch & dent/used sinks and dishtables.
Act fast, supplies are limited.

Huge savings on all clearance and scratch & dent sinks and dishtables:

Sink & Dishtable Deals


Huge savings on all used sinks and dishtables:

UE11608 Sink3 compartment bakery sink – 112″ wide, 20″ wide x 30″ front-to-back x 13″ deep, 24″ left and
right drainboards, dual faucets, lever drains, reference # UE11608

UE11706 Sink3 compartment sink – 103″ wide, 20″ wide x 28″ front-to-back x 12″ deep, 16″ left and right
drainboards, pre-rinse with faucet, lever drains, reference # UE11706

UE11723 Prep SinkPrep sink table – 60″ wide, 20″ wide x 20″ front-to-back x 13″ deep compartment, faucet,
lever drain, mounted can opener, reference # UE11723

Used Sinks and DishtablesShop or wide selection of used standard and bar style sinks and clean and soiled side dishtables


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