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Restaurant Kitchen Design | Dining Room Layout

Our comprehensive restaurant design services are tailored to accommodate restaurants of all types from fast food to the fanciest of upscale restaurants. We create functional and visually stunning spaces that optimize workflow and enhance efficiency throughout the restaurant from the kitchen to the dining room. Whether you are venturing into the restaurant industry for the first time or expanding your existing operations into multiple locations, our services are designed to simplify the complex process of foodservice design.

We make foodservice easier by offering a one-stop solution that encompasses restaurant design, equipment procurement, efficient delivery, and professional installation. With us as your dedicated partner, you can trust that we will simplify the complexities of foodservice operations, enhance efficiency, and contribute to the profitability of your business. By entrusting these critical aspects to our experienced team, you can focus on what you do best – crafting an exceptional culinary experience for your customers.

Project Management

Throughout the entirety of your restaurant design project, we adopt a comprehensive project management approach that prioritizes your needs and ensures a seamless experience.

We leverage our expertise, industry connections, and a deep understanding of the foodservice industry to offer solutions that maximize your operational efficiency and drive profitability.

We engage in in-depth consultations with factory representatives who work closely with us to develop a tailored design that meets your unique requirements. From selecting the appropriate equipment to defining detailed specifications of walk-ins, exhaust hoods, and bars, our collaboration guarantees that your restaurant is equipped with the most suitable tools for your operations.

Restaurant Design - Project Management


Our restaurant design experts can help with a new restaurant kitchen design or an existing kitchen remodel to better meet your needs. We offer detailed drawings based on your concept, business plan, and space. Your restaurant design plan will include full equipment specs with detail on rough-ins for electrical and plumbing as required by architects and contractors.

With decades of restaurant and commercial kitchen design experience in the foodservice industry, we know how to design and equip efficient kitchens to maximize workflow and productivity while staying within your equipment budget.

In addition to restaurant designs and kitchen designs, we can also provide dining room layouts to maximize seating capacity while allowing for foot traffic flow patterns and following ADA compliance rules.

Catering Kitchen Design


Design and equipment selection go hand-in-hand.

We’ll review your menu to select the most efficient foodservice equipment with which to prepare, cook, hold, and serve your food.  We work with top manufacturers in the industry including True, Vulcan, Manitowoc, Captive Aire, Bally, and others to provide your restaurant kitchen with the best equipment based on your menu and budget.

Partner with us and we’ll introduce you to the industry’s latest equipment innovations and greatest values so you’re equipped for success.

Restaurant Kitchen Design - Cookline


Our services go beyond restaurant kitchen design – we work with you every step of the way from concept to completion with design services, equipment selection, and professional delivery and installation services of all foodservice equipment.

We’ll have your equipment up and running on time without the hassle of hiring third-party service agencies or attempting to do it yourself. Your restaurant kitchen equipment will be installed to factory specifications for maximum performance and you can rest easy knowing your equipment was professionally installed in a manner which keeps the factory warranty intact should an issue ever arise.

Restaurant Kitchen Design - Installation

If you’re ready for a new kitchen design or a remodel of an existing kitchen, we’re here to help. For restaurant kitchen design, equipment, or supplies, give us a call at 502-637-3232 or 866-591-3463 or send us a contact form.

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