Commercial Kitchen Design & Equipment for Churches

When the time comes to build or remodel your church kitchen and dining room, turn to the professionals who understand the importance of food in building fellowship and the challenges you face in preparing large amounts of food for a wide range of events. We specialize in kitchen designs for churches.

  • Tight budgets are a reality for most churches, and Dine Company is experienced at helping you get the most value for the lowest cost.
  • Kitchen designs for churches and equipment selection are key to food quality and safety, efficiency, and ease of use – important for a church with lots of volunteer cooks. Dine Company provides a custom AutoCAD design based upon your space and your budget, including the electrical and plumbing specifications your contractors require. And, we’ll introduce you to the industry’s latest innovations and greatest values so you are equipped for success.
  • Proper installation is key to the operation of any piece of equipment and protects manufacturer warranties, which can be voided if requirements are not met. Our professional installers will ensure that you achieve optimum performance and efficiency from your equipment.
  • Our factory trained and authorized technicians provide service you can trust. One call gets you up and running quickly. There’s no hassle and no wasted time.

Dine Company can make a big difference in the outcome of projects with limited budgets. With more than 25 years of experience and a considerable portfolio of churches, we have the expertise to save you from costly mistakes, ensure the project is completed on time, improve food quality and efficiency, and cut costs.

If you are interested in learning more about professional kitchen designs for churches, whether you’re just beginning your project or are midway through it, call Dine Company today at 502-637-3232 or 877-346-3830 and discover how we can add value with our comprehensive services!

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