Custom Exhaust Hood and Walk-In Cooler – Ashland, KY

At Dine Company we can do much more than just furnish your Ashland, KY restaurant. We can also custom design your exhaust hood and walk-in cooler. When designing your kitchen we use the latest AutoCAD technology and bring the best in foodservice expertise. Ashland, KY restaurant custom exhaust hood Exhaust ventilation is important to safely deal with both smoke and grease. Factors in the design of a custom exhaust hood system includes determining the flow rate (which is a function of the fan speed and exhaust vent size) and noise level. Ashland restaurant inspectors are looking for performance and fire prevention when examining the restaurant ventilation system. Dine Company will not compromise on performance or safety. After all, the safety of people and property is the number one priority. A properly operating exhaust hood system will provide the operator with years of comfort and reliability when professionally installed and maintained. Custom walk in cooler in Ashland, KYWalk In Cooler Design A walk-in cooler and walk in freezer offer the most space benefit for cold storage or staging large quantities of food product at the proper chilled or frozen state. A custom walk-in cooler or freezer can be designed for most applications and configurations and can be located indoors, outdoors, in basements, or as part of merchandising for retail accounts. A walk-in cooler is also used for draft beer systems and keg storage for tap house concepts, bars, clubs, and resorts. Other uses for a walk-in cooler and freezer could include dry storage, floral coolers, and ice cream freezers. Dine Company has installed hundreds of walk-in coolers of various sizes and purposes. Whether you require 8’ x 8’ polar paks or 40’ x 60’ food storage coolers, we can handle your walk-in refrigeration needs. If you are interested in a custom exhaust hood ventilation system or a custom walk-in cooler please contact the professionals at Dine Company by calling 1-877-346-3830 and ask for Contract Sales.

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