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Food processing equipment including immersion blenders plays a vital role in the commercial kitchen today. Restaurant operators are always looking for ways to reduce food and labor costs to increase profitability. Current trends in the industry also increase the need for reliable equipment. Consumers are looking for both variety and fresh ingredients on the menus of the restaurants they visit. This means that your foodservice establishment likely has more ingredients than ever that need processing. Equipment such as food processors and blenders provide an excellent solution, but they still have limitations. They are stationary, take up valuable counter space, and are limited by the size of the bowl or jar.

Capabilities of Immersion Blenders

This is where immersion blenders offer a more versatile solution. Immersion blenders can perform all the same tasks as a standard blender. But that is not all they are capable of. They are mobile, and not limited by the capacity of a blender jar. This gives them the capability to do so much more.

MP450VV - Versatility of Immersion BlendersWith an immersion blender, you bring the blender to the food, not the food to the blender. This means that you can prepare larger batches with an immersion blender than you can with a standard blender. Also, there is no need to transfer food from a cooking vessel to a blender jar. You can process food in the same vessel you cooked the food in. For example, to make tomato sauce, you can cook tomatoes in a stock pot, and then blend the cooked tomatoes in the same pot. How convenient is that?

To add even more to their capability, many immersion blenders have an optional whisk attachment available. This further expands the type of food prep tasks immersion blenders can perform. Just to name a few, here are some of the menu items you can prepare with them: scrambled eggs, omelets, whipped egg whites, mayonnaise, cake frosting, pancake batter, vegetable purees, mashed potatoes, hot and cold soups, sauces, and salsas.

Cleaning and Storage

Immersion blenders are easy to clean and maintain. Most commercial models have either a detachable shaft or blade assembly made of all stainless steel. Once detached, the shaft or blade assembly is easily cleaned and sanitized in your ware washing sink. Many models of immersion blenders have optional wall mounts available. This helps save counter space and reduces clutter in the kitchen.

Featured Immersion Blender: The Robot Coupe MP450VV

The Robot Coupe MP450VV is a large capacity, variable speed immersion blender for commercial kitchens. With an 18-inch shaft, the MP450VV can prepare a variety of menu items in large batches. From large food containers and mixing bowls, to high capacity stock pots and tilt skillets, the MP450VV works in any food vessel you need it to. The 1.1 HP motor operating at 12,000 RPM makes quick and efficient work of any task. The variable, ten-speed setting gives the user more control over operation. The ergonomic handle has a slight cant for greater comfort and ease of use. The MP450VV has all stainless steel food contact surfaces, and a removable bell housing for easy cleaning. The detachable power cord makes it easier to service or replace. The MP450VV is a reliable solution for any commercial kitchen preparing a variety of menu items in large batches.

For the Home: The Waring WSB33X

Not everyone needs a large capacity immersion blender such as the MP450VV. Home owners or even smaller commercial kitchens may find that a smaller, light duty immersion blender is all they need. This is where the Waring WSB33X provides the perfect solution. It features a 7-inch fixed shaft and blade and a 2-speed motor. It is designed to handle small batch preparation, up to 12 quarts at one time. The WSB33X is an excellent choice for a home owner or small commercial kitchen that offers a more flexible solution over a small standard blender or food processor.
Waring WSB33X | Versatility of Immersion Blenders

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