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Whether you’re a foodie or a foodservice professional, foodservice cutting boards are essential in the kitchen. When choosing a foodservice cutting board, it’s important to evaluate the various materials, models, and manufacturers that produce cutting boards and the maintenance required for those products.

Foodservice Cutting Board Materials

Foodservice Cutting boards can be made of many different types of material. From glass and bamboo to marble and wood, cutting board materials are very diverse. The two most common materials used in production are wood and plastic. Wooden cutting boards are a well-liked option because they are the easiest on knives out of all other materials. They, however, are not all approved for commercial kitchens. Dine Company only sells NSF approved foodservice cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards are a popular option with the health inspection department, chefs and restaurant owners. Plastic cutting boards are more affordable than other options and they are very easy to clean.

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There are many different manufacturers and brands that Dine Company carries both in-store and online Dine Companies three most popular manufacturers for cutting boards are Winco, San Jamar, and John Boos.

 Winco produces traditional hard plastic cutting boards, flexible plastic cutting mats, and wooden cutting boards. Among their traditional hard plastic foodservice cutting boards, they are well known for having colored sets to reduce cross-contamination that can occur on cutting boards.

 San Jamar produces various foodservice cutting boards. Their Saf-t-Grip Cutting boards are popular due to the molded rubber grip corners, color patterns to eliminate cross-contamination of food products between uses and their “Patented food safety hook allows for sanitary transport & storage”. They also produce Saf-T-Grip Board mates that prevent slipping of their traditional hard plastic cutting boards on slick or wet countertop surfaces.

Lastly, John Boos & Co. produces wooden butcher block cutting boards. These boards are well known for their functionality and practicality. A recent “study conducted by Mechanical Science and Engineering Professor Nenad Miljkovic and his research laboratory at the University of Illinois, found that the NSF listed Northern Hard Rock Maple cutting boards by John Boos & Co. kill bacteria.”   

Foodservice cutting boards


No matter what material, model or manufacturer that you chose, it is important to use proper care and maintenance techniques to improve the life and safety of your foodservice cutting board.

When cleaning your wooden cutting board surface, you should follow the recommended cleaning procedures from the board’s manufacturer. John Boos recommends that you wipe the foodservice cutting board down with a clean disposable towel after each use to remove the food liquids from the board’s surface. Next, rinse the cutting board with warm soapy water and dry it immediately with a clean cloth. Then, reapply a layer of Boos Block® Mystery Oil followed by a layer of Boos Block® Board Cream. Lastly, they remind the user to never wash a wood cutting board in a dishwasher or immerse it in a sink full of water.

When cleaning a plastic board, follow the directions given by the manufacturer. Most plastic boards need to be hand scrubbed or can be washed in a dishwasher. We recommend using Glissen Sanitizing tablets to remove spots, streaks, stains, food leftovers and further disinfect your cutting boards. Remember that all foodservice cutting boards wear out over time. To best practice proper care and maintenance techniques, once cutting boards develop groves, excessive staining or wear and tear they should be replaced. This prevents bacteria growth in the groves contaminating the food being prepared. For more information about health department standards, see our blog on Preventing Foodborne Illness.

Foodservice cutting boards

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