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Cactus Mat Floor Mats for Foodservice Operations

By their nature, commercial foodservice operations are busy, high-foot traffic environments. Patrons come and go through the front entrance. Hosts escort the guests to their table. Servers are constantly on the move between the front of the house and the back of the house. Bartenders cover miles of ground in just a small, tight space. Line cooks and prep cooks hustle throughout the kitchen. Purveyors deliver their goods through the back door. Dishwashers carry heavy loads of dishes, cookware, and garbage through wet and greasy areas.

All of this takes place in an environment where spills, wet floors, and grease are prevalent. Slip and trip hazards are a real concern. Floor mats provide the best prevention in these high-traffic areas. From the front of the house to the back, they improve safety and traction throughout the facility. Cactus Mat is an industry leader in commercial matting, serving the market since 1930. They offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes. They have applications for every area of the foodservice facility.


Entryway mats are one of those things that can go unnoticed unless they are absent. Have you ever heard the expression, “Roll out the welcome mat”? Entryway mats are one of the ways we welcome guests to our establishment. They also serve other important purposes. They trap dirt and moisture at the door, reducing the amount that gets tracked in. With many colors and patterns available, they can also be decorative.

Cactus Mat Floor Mats - Scraper Mats vs Carpet Mats

Scraper mat (left) and carpet mat (right) comparison.

There are two main types of entryway mats: outdoor scraper mats and carpet mats. Outdoor scraper mats are great for trapping soil at the front door. Carpet mats provide traction and catch excess moisture in foyers and waiting areas. To see our recommendations for entryway mats, click here.

Carpet Mat Care and Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance will keep your carpet mats looking and performing their best. For regular maintenance, vacuum carpet mats daily. Periodically deep clean as needed using a carpet extractor and a deck brush. Use a water-based detergent or shampoo. Do not use solvent-based cleaners. After deep cleaning, allow mats to dry completely before use. For storage, roll carpet mats with the carpet pile facing outward. Never stand rolled mats on end.

Cashier, Host, Expo

What do the cashier station, the expediter station (expo), and the host stand all have in common? They are all stations where employees stand in spot for long periods of time. Standing in one place for long periods can cause foot and back fatigue. This is where anti-fatigue mats are a great help. They not only provide traction but also cushion to reduce foot and back stress. To see our recommendations for anti-fatigue mats, click here.

Dishwasher Area

Wet floors are a constant hazard in dishwasher areas. Rubber mats are essential to provide much-needed traction. They also provide added cushion underfoot. Mats with beveled edges reduce trip hazards in these high traffic areas. Reversible, double-sided mats provide superior traction and extended durability. To see our recommendations for dishwasher area mats, click here.

Bar and Service Areas

The bar and server’s stations can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to floor matting. But they too are high-traffic areas that are prone to have wet or even greasy floors. Like the dishwasher area, rubber mats helpful in these areas. Consider placing grease resistant mats where needed. To see our recommendations for bar and service area mats, click here.

Cook Line, Prep Kitchen

The floors in food prep areas, especially the cook line tend to have very greasy floors. Greasy floors are just as hazardous as wet floors. Grease is tough on mats and breaks down the rubber over time. For this reason, you will want to use grease resistant mats in food prep areas. We recommend beveled edges here as well to reduce trip hazards in high-traffic areas. To see our recommendations for mats in food prep areas, click here.

Rubber Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

Rubber kitchen mats require regular cleaning and maintenance. For daily cleaning, use only a mild detergent such as Dawn, warm water, and a deck brush. Never use bleach or chlorine. Never run mats through your commercial dishwasher. Check mats daily for wear and trip hazards.

Cactus Mat Portamat RackIn most cases, kitchen mat cleaning involves transporting mats from their area of use to a separate space for cleaning. Kitchen mats are heavy and the average foodservice establishment has several. A rolling mat rack is ideal for transporting mats to the cleaning area. The average weight of a 3’x5’ kitchen mat is about 25lbs. The Portamat Rack from Cactus saves labor by reducing handling time and reducing the risk of injury. It eliminates the need to go back and forth from the kitchen to the cleaning area. Simply load mats on the rack and transport them all in one trip.


Need help with selecting mats for your facility? Call 866-591-3463 today to speak to a knowledgeable customer care associate. You can find a great selection of Cactus Mat products in our store at 3310 Preston Highway in Louisville, KY. You can also find them on the web at our online store.

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