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Located in Louisville, KY, Dine Company is a family-owned and operated restaurant supply store serving restaurants and foodservice establishments in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas since 1982. Dine Company is more than just the region’s largest brick and mortar restaurant supply store. We stock a large selection of restaurant equipment & restaurant supplies at our location and also offer nationwide free shipping for online orders of $149 or more.

Restaurant Supply Store - Dine Company


We do much more than just sell new and used restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies.  We also offer comprehensive services before, during, and after the sale including:

“We Make Foodservice Easier” with trained staff, great selection, and a convenient restaurant supply store location central to the Midwest region. Dine Company – The Restaurant Store offers 30,000 square feet of commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supplies with over 5000 products in stock at great prices. Make a trip to our store and browse the aisles of restaurant supplies and restaurant equipment from utensils to pots and pans to reach-ins and griddles. Click here for easy driving directions from Indianapolis, IN to our restaurant supply store.

The Restaurant Store hours are:
8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
9am – 2pm – Saturday

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Are you an architect or contractor? We would love to work with you on your foodservice projects. Click here to download our Corporate Brochure (PDF, 5mb) which provides more information about all the services we offer. The brochure also features high quality pictures from previous design and installation jobs not found in our online design portfolio.


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